Spookatorium 004

The Spookatorium has opened the doors once more with a glut of new tunes for your wide eyed consideration. Thanks again as always for checking out the show.

1) Kreator – Terrible Certainty
2) Leather Strip – Mohawk
3) The Guild Of Funerary Violinists – The Noble March Of Death
4) Circus Contraption – The Slaughter’s Promenade
5) Bill Lee – If Jesus Came To Your House
6) Samael – Moonskin
7) They Might Be Giants – I’ve Got A Fang
8 ) Cranes – Beach Mover
9) P.H.O.B.O.S. – Wisdoom
10) Rancid Hell Spawn – A Trip To The Worm Farm
11) Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Last Song About Satan
12) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Knoxville Girl
13) Blanche – So Long Cruel World
14) Satyricon – The King Of The Shadowthrone

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 004


One response to “Spookatorium 004

  1. Howdy Professor. This cast really hit me where the good lord split me. Seriously…very cool. Where else are you gonna here Satyricon and They Might Be Giants in the same mix?Man, now I gotta find some Guild of Funerary Violinists.You’re killing me, heh.

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