Spookatorium 003

The Spookatorium opens its doors once again, step inside and have a listen, The Professor has been waiting for you…

1) The Creatures – Imagoró
2) Steve Earle – The Truth
3) The Handsome Family – The Bottomless Hole
4) Of Unknown Origin – The Son Of The Red Dawn
5) The Elemental Chrysalis – Caravan Of Ghosts
6) Mortifera – A Last Breath Before Extinction
7) Scorn – Twitcher
8) Nazca – Antiseptic
9) Split Lip Rayfield – In The Ground
10) Chris Connelly – Spoonfed Celeste
11) Eileen Fulton – I Wonder Who My Daddy Is
12) Forseti – Lichterflug
13) The Legendary Pink Dots – The Collector

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 003


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