Spookatorium 018

Welcome to episode 18, some of the little improvements I have been hoping to do for awhile finally got taken care of, so hopefully you’ll like those.

This time out we look at the legacy of Mary Toft, she was involved in a hoax in 1726 that drew the attention of the King of England and inspired perhaps the most famous of any trick in a magicians repertoire. Her story is outlined further in the book “The Girl Who Gave Birth To Rabbits: A True Medical Mystery,” which I am hoping to check out before too long.

Next we take a trip down south to check in on a couple of mysterious creature sightings. One is believed to be a possible Skunk Ape and the other dubbed the Beast of Bolivia, is killing dogs in South Carolina. In addition LiveScience.com ran a recent article on the possibility of using hi resolution satellite imagery to search for elusive breeding colonies of various cryptids.

Finally we take a look at the theory of palingenesy, the alchemical idea inspired by the work of Greek philosopher Lucretious that sought to explain ghosts and apparitions chemically, rather than metaphysically. The thought was that a body’s form resided in its salts, and by applying heat to those salts, you could regenerate the form of a dead or destroyed plant or animal as an apparition. This one is pretty interesting and I have been meaning to cover it for a few weeks so I hope you find it curious.

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Thanks as always for checking out the show…

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 018

– Prof. Gruntsplatter


Spookatorium 017

Well, this was intended to be the second annual Halloween episode… it is a bit late. Listen to it through pumpkin shaped headphones if you will. Halloween is a time of year and a feeling in the air, not simply a day on the calendar.

This episode looks into ghostly sightings and communication with the dead through various gadgetry. Our first stop is among the urban legends and paranormal sightings on a secluded lane known as Zombie Road in western St. Louis County. And looks briefly at investigations by missourighosts.net and the Missouri Paranormal Research Group.

Then it is off to 1930’s Britain for a peek at the contraptions of the Askir-Jobson Trianion Guild, who with information they claim to have received from a deceased colleague created devices to facilitate communication with spirits.

Another person who more recently claims to have received instructions from entities on building a device to communicate with the dead is Frank Sumption. His creation, quaintly called “Frank’s Box” or “The Ghost Box” uses more modern electronics to create what he believe is a live EVP receiver. You can check out the schematics for the device here, Coast to Coast AM did a show on the subject as well that you can check out here, and I have included a video of the device in action for you to judge for yourself.

Finally, we take a look at the theories behind the talking board, or Ouija board, from the Spiritualist and Atomatistic points of view. You can find a mess of Ouija stories and transcriptions here at the Grave Addiction site and I’d recommend checking out the Museum Of Talking Boards for a great photo gallery of various talking boards over the years.

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Thanks again for having a listen, my apologies for the lateness of the episode. The next one should come much faster, and I have a few stories saved up for the site as well.

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 017

– Prof. Gruntsplatter

Spookatorium 014

A new episode has been posted for your enjoyment…

1. Grave – Soulless
2. SPK – A Heart That Breaks (In No Time Or Place)
3. Cranes – Leaves Of Summer
4. Geisha – Riddle
5. Hell Militia – Dead Children’s Choir
6. Fetish 69 – Pigblood
7. Sabbat – Hosanna In Excelsis
8. Mentallo & The Fixer – Rapid Suffocation
9. Mothra – Death Black Square
10. 1000 Homo DJ’s – Apathy
11. Steve Earle – Ben McCulloch
12. The Rohan Theatre Band – Cemetery Folk
13. The Legendary Pink Dots – I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty
14. The Old Scratch Revival Singers – Happy Hanger

Background Sounds – “Glow In The Dark” by Dive

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 014

Spookatorium 012

Greetings again – after a long hiatus, the Spookatorium has lit the porch lanterns once more. The show runs about 78 minutes this time, and hopefully I’ll be able to get on a schedule here that allows me to keep regular hours once more. Many thanks to those of you who inquired when the show would be back, and a big thanks to American Sinner for getting in touch and saying hello after hearing one of their tracks on the show. They have a new record out which you can pick up through the band at http://www.americansinner.com/

1) Young Gods – Did You Miss Me?
2) Cyberaktif – The Road Kill
3) Pigface – Tapeworm
4) Godheadsilo – Nuts To You
5) Overkill – Hammerhead
6) Dead Brain Cells – Deadlock
7) David E. Williams – Thumbelina Toad Slut
8 ) Steve Earle – The Galway Girl
9) The Pogues – A Pair Of Brown Eyes
10) Hekate – Danse De L’obscurité
11) Circle Takes The Square – Crow Quill
12) Sine Nomine – September
13) Uranus – Revolve
14) To What End? – Sneak Preview
15) Steroid Maximus – No Joy in Pudville
16) Memorandum – The Dead Remains
17) MZ.412 – The Winter of Mourning
18 ) The Creatures – Exterminating Angel
19) Guy Lafleur – Scoring

Background Sounds – “There Will Be Tomorrow” by Black Noise Cannon

Prof. Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 012

Spookatorium 011

The Spookatorium has transformed into a formidable snow fort this week to shield all comers from the mind numbing deluge of advertising and rosy cheeked urchins… so, mix your hot chocolate into that day old coffee languishing in the pot and gather round the space heater…. – Prof. Gruntsplatter

1) Social Skills Centre – White Christmas
2) Aborym – Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
3) Samael – Winter Solstice
4) The Accused – Molly’s Xmas ‘72
5) Sonne Hagal – Midwinternight
6) Truckstop Honeymoon – Christmas In Ocala
7) Charnel Valley – January
8 ) Atrium Carceri – Machine Elves
9) The Handsome Family – Tin Foil
10) Jason Webley – Winter
11) Abigor – Weeping Midwinter Tears
12) The Iditarod & Sharron Kraus – Wintermute
13) Doc Watson & Clarence Ashley – Footprints In The Snow
14) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow
15) The Hellblinki Sextet – Nuttin’ For Christmas
16) Rev. Glen Armstrong – Even Squeaky Fromme Loves Christmas

Background Sounds – “We Enslaved Elves To Build Our Death Machine” by The Mass

Prof. Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 011

Spookatorium 008

Ahoy gentle people, the Professor has returned, and during this trip into the Spookatorium we will take an extended look at the Little Things wing. Think of it as the room with carefully lit deformed babies, curious parts in yellowed jars, and the heroic adventures daring dwarves. All songs this time out clock in at under two minutes, thus the robust playlist below. Pain in the ass really, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Prof. Gruntsplatter

1) Captain Hook & His Crew – The Phone Call
2) Leather Strip – The Nature of God
3) Skinny Puppy – Epilogue
4) Cathi Stout – Hips & Abdomen
5) His Hero Is Gone – Cavities
6) Paul Lemos – ???H???
7) Alien Sex Fiend – Black Rabbit
8 ) Scorn – Those Who Know
9) Proscenium – Gaunt Soul
10) Akrabu – Raising The Serpent Force
11) Death In June – Gorilla Tactics
12) Sapthuran – V
13) Those Poor Bastards – A Bone to Pick
14) Laibach – Cari Amici
15) Nicholas Slonimsky – Castoria
16) Hoarstone – Illogical Existence…
17) Teen Cthulhu – Nightmares Of The Empyrean
18 ) SPK – Internal Bleeding
19) Happy Flowers – I Dropped My Ice Cream Cone
20) Svasti-Anyanam – Yajña-Purusa
21) Richard Cheese – War Ensemble
22) Diallo – Unclenched
23) Sleeping With The Earth – Reduction
24) The Buried Civilizations – Ostrich Eggs
25) Sharron Kraus – Death Jig
26) Agnes Bernelle – Chansonette
27) Sear Bliss – Reverie
28 ) Old Man Gloom – Rape Athena
29) Conversations About The Light – Pondering Ghosts
30) Echo West – Human Faith
31) Ashfordaisyak – Leper In A Tumble Dryer
32) Ocosi – Insex
33) Of The Wand And The Moon – Gandr
34) Maschinenzimmer 412 – Still…
35) The Pogues – Waxie’s Dargle
36) Roberta Lee & Thurl Ravenscroft – Wing Ding Ding

Background Sounds- “Fire And Rain” by Beneath The Lake

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 008