Spookatorium 012

Greetings again – after a long hiatus, the Spookatorium has lit the porch lanterns once more. The show runs about 78 minutes this time, and hopefully I’ll be able to get on a schedule here that allows me to keep regular hours once more. Many thanks to those of you who inquired when the show would be back, and a big thanks to American Sinner for getting in touch and saying hello after hearing one of their tracks on the show. They have a new record out which you can pick up through the band at http://www.americansinner.com/

1) Young Gods – Did You Miss Me?
2) Cyberaktif – The Road Kill
3) Pigface – Tapeworm
4) Godheadsilo – Nuts To You
5) Overkill – Hammerhead
6) Dead Brain Cells – Deadlock
7) David E. Williams – Thumbelina Toad Slut
8 ) Steve Earle – The Galway Girl
9) The Pogues – A Pair Of Brown Eyes
10) Hekate – Danse De L’obscurité
11) Circle Takes The Square – Crow Quill
12) Sine Nomine – September
13) Uranus – Revolve
14) To What End? – Sneak Preview
15) Steroid Maximus – No Joy in Pudville
16) Memorandum – The Dead Remains
17) MZ.412 – The Winter of Mourning
18 ) The Creatures – Exterminating Angel
19) Guy Lafleur – Scoring

Background Sounds – “There Will Be Tomorrow” by Black Noise Cannon

Prof. Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 012


One response to “Spookatorium 012

  1. Cool! I am all about some Pigface “Gub” – how fucking awesome is that record, man??!!!?? Martin Atkins is sooooo important to drumming. (And I guess Overkill’s Rat Skates is also quite important, ahem.) I was aaaaaall about Overkill as a kid. Later on, all my SST friends referred to them as, “the <>shitty <>Overkill,” but I disagree.Keeping good company!PhilBlack Noise Cannon

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