About The Professor

Outside the Midway my name is Scott E. Candey. I make music, write stories and try to avoid the less mysterious monsters of the earth.

The name Gruntsplatter comes from a music project I started in 1993 or 94. Releases followed on such labels as Crowd Control Activities, Desolation House/Relapse Records, Eibon Recordings, and Dark Vinyl Records among others. Additionally, I have collaborated with others under different monikers.

I have run  Crionic Mind records since 1995, it is in a prolonged state of cryogenic stasis. I have also co-edited Worm Gear Extreme Music magazine, and helped with Black/Doom Metal label Bindrune Recordings.  Aside from that, I’ve done a fair amount of graphic design for projects in the underground and have worked in the print industry for about 15 years.

Every aspect of my creativity output draws from the things you will find in these shows. I can’t point to a reason, and don’t think it matters. A fascination with the strange and macabre has been one of the greatest textures in my life for as long as I can recall. The medicinal properties of imagination, curiosity, and creativity are indispensable. Also creepy stuff is neat. More info here.

– Prof. Gruntsplatter


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