Spookatorium 026

Welcome to the 3rd annual Halloween episode, Episode 26. This time around we pay tribute to Harry Houdini who left this mortal coil on Halloween back in 1926. In addition to the stupefying feats of conjuring and illusion he was best known for, Houdini spent 30 years exhaustively researching spiritualism and the paranormal. Sitting with and studying the techniques of the best known mediums of the day, and ultimately being unconvinced that the were capable of their grandiose claims.

Next we take a look at electro-magnetic fields as they relate to investigating the paranormal. Looking at the reality of what the fields are, and the leap of faith required to draw some of the conclusions that investigators seem to draw from them. Aside from that there is just a whole lot of music.

Tunes this time out from the likes of…

1. PESSARY (1:05)
2. DECEASED (4:23)
3. GOTHICA (9:38)
5. MERCYFUL FATE (23:44)
7. BENESTROPHE (32:14)
11. HOCICO (60:00)
12. THE ACCUSED (66:45)
14. MEGAPTERA (76:45)
15. BAUHAUS (83:30)

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 026

Prof. Gruntsplatter


That’s a Wrap…

Well, Searchingforbigfoot.com has just released the following press sheet admitting the Georgia Gorilla/Bigfoot is a hoax, and that it is a rubber suit. The full press release is below…

They headline it that searchingforbigfoot.com “uncovered the truth”. They are taking the position that they were duped by Whitton and Dyer, and were not intentionally complicit in the fraud. That seems unlikely, but if it is the truth then their investigative instincts are lacking. To wrap themselves up in something like this without vetting the situation fully shows little regard for their already spotty reputation. Tom Bascardi has been involved in a similar situation previously, so either he is incredibly naive or as he stated in the press conference on the 15th is looking to make as much money as possible.

I don’t have time a the moment to finish my thoughts on this, I will have more on the next show I suspect, the press release is below…


Good afternoon. I am Steve Kulls Executive Director of Squatchdetective.com and Host of Squatchdetective Radio. I am here with Bob Schmalzbach, Vice President of Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. I had been invited to be a witness of the thawing of the alleged Bigfoot Body by the Searching for Bigfoot team. As an independent researcher, it has been Squatchdetective.com’s goal to obtain proof positive in all cases when either trying to substantiate a claim or debunk it, so as there is no question to the matter’s certainty. Having worked in the past, with Searching for Bigfoot, Inc., I understand that it has always been their corporate goal, “to tell it like they see it, as it happens, and when it happens”. In my organization’s limited involvement with Searching For Bigfoot, Inc. it is and has been the goal of both organizations to obtain the truth in this and all matters.

On July 9th, 2008, Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer placed a video on Youtube making the claim they had recovered the body of a Bigfoot body. Their website, Bigfoottracker.com also echoed the sentiment. At that time I had doubts and followed the story for two weeks when on July 25th, 2008 I placed a video response to challenge them to come on to Squatchdetective Radio on July 28th , 2008.

On July 14th, 2008 an article was published where Whitton released a statement to his local newspaper, the Clayton Times Daily stating that they had recovered the body of a Bigfoot.

The afternoon of July 28th, 2008, Ricky Dyer asked if I would call him and after interviewing him using various forensic interviewing techniques, which I have been trained on, I could not get an accurate read on him as I was seeing deception on numerous things, but insisted he had a body in his possession. At one point he asked me who Tom Biscardi was. I immediately surmised however their motive was financial.

After concluding my one plus hour long phone call with Dyer I called the CEO of Searching for Bigfoot, Tom Biscardi, and we discussed the matter. We, at that time decided it best to turn the investigation over to Mr. Biscardi and his team. My involvement in the remainder of the process was as an independent observer.

The following are my observations and the facts as I understand and know them:
On August 1st, 2008 Tom Biscardi traveled to Georgia and on August 2nd was given a sample, allegedly, from the corpse, for DNA testing. The DNA was hand delivered to Dr. Curt Nelson of Michigan and a chain of custody of the said sample was maintained from the time it was received from Ricky Dyer and Matthew Whitton.

On August 4th, 2008 both Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer entered a legally binding contract with Searching For Bigfoot, Inc .recognizing the fact that Searching for Bigfoot, had absolutely nothing to do in the demise or storage of the corpse until such time as it was transferred to Searching For Bigfoot for the benefit of scientific study, marketing and promotion.

On August 10th, 2008 Tom Biscardi received an email from Dr. Nelson that after the amplifications of two of the three samples, that the size of the DNA was consistent with human/ape DNA.

On or about August 12th, 2008, Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer requested an undisclosed sum of money as an advance, expected from the marketing and promotion, and as a good faith gesture of the contract.

On August 14th, 2008, after signing a transfer receipt for the amount money requested and counting said money, Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer led the Searching for Bigfoot Team to a location and turned over a freezer with something appearing large, hairy, and frozen in ice.
On August 15th, 2008, Tom Biscardi, Ricky Dyer and Matthew Whitton held a press conference at the Cabana Hotel in Paolo Alto, California, announcing that the corpse of a creature fitting the description known as “Bigfoot” had been discovered. A police officer of seven years, on medical leave, labeled as a hero for being wounded in the line of duty, got up in front of the world and told the world of how he and Ricky Dyer uncovered this creature. This has since been proven a lie. It is notable that Rick Dyer insisted on this press conference and told Tom Biscardi he would not release the “body” unless the conference was held on this specific date.

On August 16th, 2008 the freezer containing the alleged corpse arrived with the Searching For Bigfoot Team. I arrived on location at 6PM to provide initial verification examination, biohazard control and consult for security measures at the location. At that time the ice was being thawed slowly without aid, to prevent any decomposition of the alleged corpse. We estimated that the freezer and its contents weighed over 1500 pounds and it would take several days or longer to thaw completely.

On August 17th, 2008 Searching for Bigfoot Team Director of Field Operations, TJ Biscardi and myself, were up early to discover that some hair was now exposed. I extracted some from the alleged corpse and examined it and had some concerns. Bob Schmalzbach arrived and concurred. We burned said sample and said hair sample melted into a ball uncharacteristic of hair.

At that time we contacted Mr. Biscardi who gave us permission to begin an expedited melting process. We set up a salamander heater to heat the freezer. Within one hour we were able to see the partially exposed head, as I was now able to touch it, I was able to feel that it seemed mostly firm, but unusually hollow in one small section. This was yet another ominous sign. Within the next hour of thaw, a break appeared up near the feet area. As the team and I began examining this area near the feet, I observed the foot which looked unnatural, reached in and confirmed it was a rubber foot.

At that point we immediately contacted, Tom Biscardi and advised him of the situation and he began to take action on his end. Later that day, Tom Biscardi informed us that both Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer admitted it was a costume. They reportedly agreed to sign a promissory note and admission of what they had done, and set a meeting in their hotel room in California for 8AM on August 17th, 2008.

At that time I drew up the documents for Mr. Biscardi. On August 17th, 2008 Tom Biscardi went to the hotel where Dyer and Whitton were staying and found that they had left. At this time action is being instigated against the perpetrators of this fraud. Tom Biscardi asked us to contact you, the press, and share all that we have discovered.

The motives behind this fraud are still unknown at this time. It is still unclear why Whitton who, being a police officer for the Clayton County Police Department in Georgia got up before the world and lied and was complicit in a scheme to defraud in a felonious manner.

At this time the victim of this series of deceptions, Searching for Bigfoot, Inc., is seeking justice for themselves and for all the people who were deceived by this deception. Due to this event peoples lives have been disrupted and many people, so wanting vindication about there prior experiences were hurt. Let us all try to be mindful of such.

On behalf of myself I can say with certainty Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer not the best Bigfoot trackers in the world!

Thank you.

This Smells Like Feet

The full video of today’s “Bigfoot” press conference is online here courtesy of King5 News out of Seattle.

Immediately after the press conference a colleague received a text message from someone who attended, his full report on the event can be seen here. The text message was related to the DNA evidence. Of the three samples, one inconclusive, one human and one opossum. Not exactly a bombshell. There were three pieces of evidence handed out to the press, two photos, and an email printout from the person that reportedly did the DNA testing. Those can be seen at the link above.

As the day went on the reports began to appear on the various sites and in the mainstream media all of which seem to say it was unconvincing and many willing to call it a hoax. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has released a strong statement on the matter here. (Thanks to Skincarver Jeff for pointing that out I hadn’t found it yet) They feel they have soundly debunked the body as a costume. The costume theory doesn’t really appear to be a slam dunk to me, but there are no doubt similarities. The “evidence” is all laid out on a message board post by someone named “Navigator.” I’m not saying it isn’t a hoax, but I would expect something a little more formal than that with more direct evidence. The bravado of the debunking is not too distant from the bravado of the other side.

The press conference itself contains, contradictions, not only within the event today but also against the information they have been putting out since this began. When the questions get more pointed Tom Bascardi, seems to interrupt and try and refocus. I find it amusing that they keep saying it will be reviewed by “scientists” without being terribly specific about what that means. The email regarding the DNA is from a Curt Nelson of the University of Minnesota, he is listed as being a Senior Scientist of the Department of Entomology on the U of M site. I’m not sure about the qualifications an Entomologist has for sequencing DNA.

When they are pressed on why they didn’t call someone of science or authority when they found this, they claim they had no idea who to call or trust. However, Whitton is an active duty police officer and Dyer has been reported as being a former corrections officer, though the BFRO story seems to question that.

The “clear videos and photos” have not been released, the DNA evidence is inconclusive (if we are generous) and rules out an unknown hominid (if we are not being generous.) After watching the press conference and their avoidance to come out with anything substantive or allow some sort of independent analysis for what they have or don’t have it seems rather clear that these guys are milking a phantom.

My original story for the podcast went into some of these inconsistencies and doubts more so than the one that aired. I recorded the revised version right after the press release and photo came out and at the time felt like that took enough gravitas to make that announcement that maybe I would reserve final judgement a bit longer. After seeing the opportunity to astound the world squandered today, and the continued dance of egoism and non specifics the only thing I am really curious about at this point is how they are going to get themselves out from under this when it’s proven they are yanking peoples chains.

Belly of the Beast

I can’t get past the appearance of the guts in the “Georgia Gorilla.” I find it very difficult to see how a creature reported to have been dead for “a few days” when it was found, and manhandled by 6 people over the course of a day and a half trying to get it out of the woods, would have its intestines a) still intact b) delicately sitting atop the corpse. Between the animals in the world that might find them tasty, the insects, natural process of decay and the journey from forest to freezer, it’s difficult to imagine that they have remained so well intact.

The press conference is in a few hours.

Spookatorium 025

Welcome to Episode 25, once again it has been too long… This episode features some potentially landmark news from the world of Cryptozoology, but first things first…

Out of the gate we discuss the bizarre affliction that has come to be known as Morgellons disease. This condition, as yet unrecognized by the medical establishment, includes such symptoms as the growth of multi-colored fibers from the body that have been reported to move autonomously, and strange crystalline or granular residue that appears within lesions all accompanied by the feeling of insects crawling under the skin. The CDC has begun looking into it after several years of requests from those that suffer from it. However in some medical circles it continues to be looked at as a psychological rather than physiological condition. Then there are those that see the condition as a result of something more nefarious.

After that we take a look at a set of core components by which hauntings might be judged in order to come up with some type of standardized scientific perspective on what occurs in a haunting scenario. Along the way we touch a bit on Patternology and the Fortean perspective of holistic review rather than compartmentalized observation.

Finally, a piece I had to re-record after some breaking news today altered the story dramatically. Bigfoottracker.com, now working in cooperation with Searchingforbigfoot.com have announced that they have a Bigfoot corpse in their possession, and will be presenting their collected evidence on August 15th at a press conference in Palo Alto, CA. The creature is said to have been discovered in Northern Georgia, and additionally live creatures were also seen in the area at the time. This has been a twisted tale that first appeared on Cryptomundo.com about a month ago. Since that time several evidence free, taunting videos were posted and removed by the members of Bigfoottracker, and the alleged pathologist they had reviewing the corpse was found to be a fraud. The group admitted to hoaxing the pathologist story, but maintained they did have a body. Today a press release was issued fleshing out that claim, and there has been a leak of a photo. The story was covered by local papers but I didn’t see much else in the way of mainstream coverage, but I suspect that will be changing very soon. The photo is compelling, and I look forward to hearing more details from the press conference.

Music this time from the likes of…

AVRIGUS (1:05)
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GOD (45:56)
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FRONT 242 (64:20)
NAILBOMB (68:43)


That’s all for now, I will hopefully have some additional information on the Sasquatch story in the coming days. I’m also hoping to clear out some of my back log of stories by updating the site more frequently between episodes of the show.

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 025

Prof. Gruntsplatter

Spookatorium 024

Welcome, after a long delay,  to Episode 24. Computer issues and chain stores downloaded their grief upon my doorstep in a flaming paper bag. Hopefully, I will get back to a proper schedule now and that some of you are still listening…

First up, we revisit the legend of “Oriuagor,” a tome purported to drive insane those who dare read it. First touched upon in Episode 19, an email submission cracks this one open again. I had largely written it off as a marketing gimmick for someone seeking to fabricate a new Necronomicon, but a submitter from Denmark suggests that the legends at least are known there, and the work of fiction we discussed previously was born of those legends.

Next up we look at reports of a lake monster in Minnesota’s Lake Pepin, quaintly, if not predictably, known as Pepie. A local paddle boat operator is offering $50,000 for evidence of Pepie’s existence. I’m sure he’d be happy to sell you a boat ride to go have a look. Next in Pennsylvania there have been at least four reports of a large bird or bat like creature stalking the back roads over the last year. The descriptions vary slightly, but the witness reports are pretty interesting.

Finally, we brush upon the subject of Demonology, and the its inherent bias and delusion when approaching the paranormal. There is an excellent article from noted Parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach on a similar tract that can be found here. Beyond that the balance of skepticism and belief is looked at as well as the definition of skepticism as it relates to the unknown. For me skepticism is an informed state of indecision, however much of the skeptical community seems just as zealous in the their disbelief as those who think every orb caught on film is the ghost of some thing or other. Intellectual curiosity gets pushed from the equation and genuine research suffers when your mind is already made up and it’s detrimental to the greater understanding that I hope most people involved in such things are seeking.

Music this time supplied by…

LUDICRA (21:15)
DEAD WORLD (25:29)
BLOOD AXIS (44:08)
DISGRACE (52:14)
HELTIR (60:47)
NOISE UNIT (64:29)
GGFH (72:46)

With background accompaniment from

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 024

Happy Friday the 13th,
Prof. Gruntsplatter