This Smells Like Feet

The full video of today’s “Bigfoot” press conference is online here courtesy of King5 News out of Seattle.

Immediately after the press conference a colleague received a text message from someone who attended, his full report on the event can be seen here. The text message was related to the DNA evidence. Of the three samples, one inconclusive, one human and one opossum. Not exactly a bombshell. There were three pieces of evidence handed out to the press, two photos, and an email printout from the person that reportedly did the DNA testing. Those can be seen at the link above.

As the day went on the reports began to appear on the various sites and in the mainstream media all of which seem to say it was unconvincing and many willing to call it a hoax. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has released a strong statement on the matter here. (Thanks to Skincarver Jeff for pointing that out I hadn’t found it yet) They feel they have soundly debunked the body as a costume. The costume theory doesn’t really appear to be a slam dunk to me, but there are no doubt similarities. The “evidence” is all laid out on a message board post by someone named “Navigator.” I’m not saying it isn’t a hoax, but I would expect something a little more formal than that with more direct evidence. The bravado of the debunking is not too distant from the bravado of the other side.

The press conference itself contains, contradictions, not only within the event today but also against the information they have been putting out since this began. When the questions get more pointed Tom Bascardi, seems to interrupt and try and refocus. I find it amusing that they keep saying it will be reviewed by “scientists” without being terribly specific about what that means. The email regarding the DNA is from a Curt Nelson of the University of Minnesota, he is listed as being a Senior Scientist of the Department of Entomology on the U of M site. I’m not sure about the qualifications an Entomologist has for sequencing DNA.

When they are pressed on why they didn’t call someone of science or authority when they found this, they claim they had no idea who to call or trust. However, Whitton is an active duty police officer and Dyer has been reported as being a former corrections officer, though the BFRO story seems to question that.

The “clear videos and photos” have not been released, the DNA evidence is inconclusive (if we are generous) and rules out an unknown hominid (if we are not being generous.) After watching the press conference and their avoidance to come out with anything substantive or allow some sort of independent analysis for what they have or don’t have it seems rather clear that these guys are milking a phantom.

My original story for the podcast went into some of these inconsistencies and doubts more so than the one that aired. I recorded the revised version right after the press release and photo came out and at the time felt like that took enough gravitas to make that announcement that maybe I would reserve final judgement a bit longer. After seeing the opportunity to astound the world squandered today, and the continued dance of egoism and non specifics the only thing I am really curious about at this point is how they are going to get themselves out from under this when it’s proven they are yanking peoples chains.


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