Spookatorium 045

This time out we look at the folklore around The Devil’s Causeway, and Frog Well in England, and feature tunes from The Monochrome Set, Princess Tinymeat, Azfarat, Blac Kolor, Sleeprunner, Infinity’s Astrum, Last Life, Law, Nightmares, Urusai, Pyrophilus & Witch Bottle


Spookatorium 044

In this episode we look at the life of Arthur Crew Inman and float on the sonic waves of Ex.Hale, The Doomed Bird of Providence, The Pessimist Chamber, Froe Char, Melanchoholics, Nastika, Theologian, Vile Temper, Death Librarian, Hitting Birth, Test Dept., and Controlled Opposition.

Spookatorium 042

This episode we take a look at the Maryhill Stonehenge, a scale replica of the original Stonehenge in Washington state, and the superstitious origins of Horse Brass Medallions. In addition there is music from Polevaulter, Plague Agent, Spectral Aeons, Tho-So-Aa, Akinsa, Anchient, Snowbeasts, Sword Volcano Complex, Terminal Sound System, Kollaps, and Gator Bait Ten.

Spookatorium 041

In this episode of the Spookatorium we look at the weird fiction of lesser known writer Edward Lucas White and present his story “The Voices.” There is music from Olekranon, STCLVR, Torn, Violent Grief, Bract, Cranes, Isotropia, In Slaughter Natives, Still Und Dunkle, Grim Heka and High Strange.