Spookatorium 036

In this episode, we explore the idea of the Sin Eater and look at some of the superstitions surrounding the Hangman’s Rope. And there is lots of great music from the likes of Intersigno, Ourea, Belt, Swarm Intelligence, Images In Silence, Tribe Of Circle, Volunteer Coroner, Drape Excrement, Pain Teens, Shallow Waves, Dismal Thoughts, and A.M.Q.A


Spookatorium 035

Episode 35 of the Spookatorium looks at Medium Helene Smith, who claimed to astral travel to Mars, and the work of macabre photographer William Mortensen. In addition, there is music from: The Handsome Family, Helge Sten, Hexvessel, IV Horsemen, Ivillion, Rituals, Second Spectre, Dark Circuitry, Coeur, Stefan Bachmeier, Stem Cell Research Project, & Council of Nine.

The video version includes some drawings from Helene Smith and also some examples of Mortensen’s work. Or you can check it out through your favorite place for podcasts.

Spookatorium 034

In this episode, we take a look at the idea of man-eating trees in remote parts of the world in the 1700 and 1800’s. It occurred to me after I finished this episode how Lovecraftian some of the descriptions of these trees are prior to Lovecraft’s writing. There is music from Antechamber, Black Mare, P.H.O.B.O.S., Haeretici 7o74, Ligeia, And Also The Trees, Reverence, Dreadmaul, The Chameleons, Geko, The Glass Beads, Funerary Call, Reptyla, Shadow Monument.

Spookatorium 033

In this episode, we look at the rise and fall of a popular patent medicine from the late 1800s called Kickapoo Oil. Beyond that, there is lots of music. from the likes of Dav Dralleon, Hexmyr, Metadevice, Mayfairgrin, Cyclic Amp, Dailiv, Grotus, Black Lung, The Criminal World, Loss, GGGOLDDD, Moss Harvest, and Snaig Tharta.

Spookatorium 032 – Halloween Episode

An extended Halloween episode with talk about the role of fog and mist in paranormal experiences and a look at the Dark Watchers of the Santa Lucia Mountains. In addition to lots of music from the likes of…

The Devil & The Universe, Electric Dragon, Aghast Manor, Splinterskin, The Hare & The Moon, Out of Hell, The Rohan Theatre Band, The Flatfield, Mordant Arrow, The Heartwood Institute, Incantor, None, Headless Horseman, Fields Of The Nephilim, Brotherhood of Pagans, Occults, Phelios, Asath Reon, Dusk, and Mercyful Fate

Spookatorium 031

In this episode we look at preserving the strange cures in medieval medical texts at Cambridge. There’s a brief stop on Victorian medicine and the rise of antiseptics. We also dig into how a team in Canada built a better mental hospital by using LSD to help them understand the perceptions of the people who would be staying there.

Also Features music from… A Tergo Lupi, The Northern Lighthouse Board, Holy Mountain Beast, The Fall, Lolita Black, No Mind, Clock DVA, Cober Ord, First Law, SIMM, The Sound, This Mortal Coil, and JK Flesh.

The show is available on iTunes, Podvine, Spotify, Mixcloud and others, or you can watch a video version on YouTube.