Spookatorium 011

The Spookatorium has transformed into a formidable snow fort this week to shield all comers from the mind numbing deluge of advertising and rosy cheeked urchins… so, mix your hot chocolate into that day old coffee languishing in the pot and gather round the space heater…. – Prof. Gruntsplatter

1) Social Skills Centre – White Christmas
2) Aborym – Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
3) Samael – Winter Solstice
4) The Accused – Molly’s Xmas ‘72
5) Sonne Hagal – Midwinternight
6) Truckstop Honeymoon – Christmas In Ocala
7) Charnel Valley – January
8 ) Atrium Carceri – Machine Elves
9) The Handsome Family – Tin Foil
10) Jason Webley – Winter
11) Abigor – Weeping Midwinter Tears
12) The Iditarod & Sharron Kraus – Wintermute
13) Doc Watson & Clarence Ashley – Footprints In The Snow
14) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow
15) The Hellblinki Sextet – Nuttin’ For Christmas
16) Rev. Glen Armstrong – Even Squeaky Fromme Loves Christmas

Background Sounds – “We Enslaved Elves To Build Our Death Machine” by The Mass

Prof. Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 011


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