Spookatorium 002 – The Spookening

Greetings again there is a new episode of the Spookatorium up for your listening pleasure. Hopefully none of the artists featured take issue with being included, if so please feel free to let me know and I will remedy it.

I also want to extend my thanks to those who took the time to check out the first one. I think this went a little smoother, and I sorted out a better mic arrangement.

1) The Tiger Lillies – Piss On Your Grave
2) Lord Wind – Father’s Sword
3) November Novelet – Misanthropy
4) Celestiial – Haunting Cries Beneath The Lake Where Our Queen Once Walked
5) The Meat Purveyors – I’d Rather Be Your Enemy
6) Donovan – The Intergalactic Laxative
7) Beyond Dawn – Severed Survival
8) GGFH – Scapegoat
9) King Diamond – Tea
10) Rudimentary Peni – Imps Of The Perverse
11) God Bullies – Saw You Dead
12) Sharron Kraus – Murder of Crows
13) Janet Klein – Some Little Bug Is Going To Find You (The Germ Song)
14) The Accused – I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 002


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