Spookatorium 005

A new batch of the dark, frightful and bizarre for you all…

1) Dream Into Dust – Seasons In The Mist
2) Einstürzende Neubauten – Blume
3) Fields Of The Nephilim – Preacher Man
4) Negurã Bunget – Wordless Knowledge
5) Sator Absentia – Recalling Waters and Suns
6) Oil Seed Rape – Rib Donor
7) Jill Tracy – Doomsday Serenade
8 )The Pogues – Drunken Boat
9) The Rohan Theatre Band – Cabinet of Curios
10) Foetus – Anxiety Attack
11) Blacklodge – Templars
12) Rabaue – Pizza Hut

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 005

I’ve had some good reaction to lots of the tracks I have played, but the artists people have seemed most impressed by has been The Rohan Theatre Band, and his other endeavor, The Guild Of Funerary Violinists. You can find out more information and purchase CDR’s direct from the site. I have several of his releases and they are all worth your time.

Until next time…
Prof. Gruntsplatter


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