The Yamabiru Are Coming!

Long sequestered in the mountains of Japan, the Yamabiru have decided their time is at hand. Urbanization and reforestation efforts have ignited the flames of migration and the long silent Yamabiru have teamed up with their forest brethren and come down from their isolated realm to feed. Feasting on the blood of the humans that have inadvertently rousted them from their quiet existence, they have been known to gorge upon their victims to the point that they reach 10 times their normal size. So clandestine are the methods of the Yamabiru that frequently their victims are unaware they have been visited until they discover the bloodied point of entry and the predator has moved on.

The Japanese see three options in confronting this invasion. They can dramatically reshape the environment to something less hospitable in the hopes that the Yamabiru return from whence they came; they can fight them off with poisons and chemical warfare, or they can concede and accept their place in the food chain. All of these are obviously dramatic and carry their own hazards. However, in these dire times when nature is rising to subjugate humanity the dramatic may be the last hope.

– Prof. Gruntsplatter