Update – and Reefer Madness!!

The show will go on, between life and migrating to a new computer, I got off schedule a bit. As soon as things are squared away again, the show will pick back up. If you haven’t weeded through the archives, now would be a good time… Hopefully, I’ll have something new up in the next week or so.

While I’m here please enjoy this touching tale of 3 young men in Texas. The mischievous lads found themselves in an old cemetery, and saw fit to dig up a corpse over the course of two days. Once they had reached the body, a light bulb went off over their sweaty little heads… I can almost hear their exhausted excitement now.

They used their shovel to remove the head of the corpse and determined it would make an most outstanding bong. I’m not sure exactly what sort of drug addled engineering was involved in the mechanics of their undertaking (sic) but the story came out when they were arrested on another matter and confessed to this as well. The police initially didn’t believe it, but gathered enough evidence to conclude that the scamps were likely telling the truth.

The grave is believed to have belonged to an 11 year old boy named Willie Sims who died in 1921. The skull has not been recovered, and somehow rain has kept the investigators from determining if the body and coffin are still in the grave. We can film the sunken Titanic in Hi Def, but they can’t find a headless cadaver in a puddle. At the very least, you’d hope, they could persuade people this stupid to tell them where the skull is. Since there is, as yet, no confirmed corpse or skull, and the boys told different stories on how the corpse was beheaded some still question if all of this really happened. It’s a hell of a thing to make up. All three were home schooled, imagine their parents surprise when they turn in their “What I did on Spring Break” papers…