This one goes to 11:11

A couple days ago my better half pointed at the clock on the stove and said “I always seem to look at the clock when it’s 11:11.” We talked for a minute about numbers that appear repeatedly in life and how it can reach the point of strangeness, and that was that. Today I discovered the “Beyond Reality Radio Show” which is a paranormal show hosted by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of TAPS fame. The episode I listened to they were interviewing Uri Geller, and someone called in to to ask his opinion on the “11:11” phenomenon.

The phenomenon was news to me… There is actually a fair amount of material on this out there and I am surprised I haven’t seen any of it before. Geller has an article on his site about it which you can check out. He seems to focus simply on the number 11, more than anything, and takes ample opportunity to make points about September 11th that seem completely out of place. He does include a few numerology equations as well, some of which seem to have more relevance than others, but this part of the article I found somewhat interesting…

“If you multiply 1111 by 1111 you get 1234321, representing a pyramid, and number 11 is a sacred number of the pyramid with the proportions of the great pyramid being of the ratio 7:11. Eleven is also a number harmonious with Pi. Therefore, it seems that number eleven is of central importance in understanding the mathematical infrastructure of the universe.” – Uri Geller

His is certainly not the only interpretation though, there are those that link it to the Mayan Calendar and the prophetic speculation linked to 2012. It is at 11:11 Universal or Greenwich Mean Time depending on the report that the calendar ceases on 12/21/12. Here’s a sensationalistic video to illustrate that point of view.

So there is a mess of information out there related to 11:11, but no definitive explanation or even real common ground has been found to explain the prevalence the number seems to have in so many peoples lives.

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Spookatorium 018

Welcome to episode 18, some of the little improvements I have been hoping to do for awhile finally got taken care of, so hopefully you’ll like those.

This time out we look at the legacy of Mary Toft, she was involved in a hoax in 1726 that drew the attention of the King of England and inspired perhaps the most famous of any trick in a magicians repertoire. Her story is outlined further in the book “The Girl Who Gave Birth To Rabbits: A True Medical Mystery,” which I am hoping to check out before too long.

Next we take a trip down south to check in on a couple of mysterious creature sightings. One is believed to be a possible Skunk Ape and the other dubbed the Beast of Bolivia, is killing dogs in South Carolina. In addition ran a recent article on the possibility of using hi resolution satellite imagery to search for elusive breeding colonies of various cryptids.

Finally we take a look at the theory of palingenesy, the alchemical idea inspired by the work of Greek philosopher Lucretious that sought to explain ghosts and apparitions chemically, rather than metaphysically. The thought was that a body’s form resided in its salts, and by applying heat to those salts, you could regenerate the form of a dead or destroyed plant or animal as an apparition. This one is pretty interesting and I have been meaning to cover it for a few weeks so I hope you find it curious.

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Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 018

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Shake Hands With The Treeman

This is really quite remarkable. An Indonesian man has what dermatologists are now suggesting is Human Papilloma Virus. Under normal circumstances the disease generates small warts on the skin, like plantar warts etc. There is also an STD version of the infection.

In this man’s case however he has an immune system that isn’t able to contain the warts, and they have blossomed root like branches that have pocked his body and entirely consumed his hands. It has cost him his family and ability to work, and it would seem from looking at him many other simple activities in life. Now an American doctor is hopeful that a treatment of synthetic Vitamin A will get the warts under control.

Edit: Unfortunately on reviewing the archive it appears the original pictures and video are no longer available.

Johnny One Leg’s Great Adventure

This is one of those stories that is almost too absurd to believe…

John Wood had to have his leg amputated following a plane crash that killed three members of his family in 2004, including his father. If the story ended there we’d all stop for a second to feel for the guy and go back to what we were doing. The story however does not stop there.

When the leg was amputated Mr. Wood put in a request with the hospital that he wanted the leg after it was removed. It was his wish to have the bones to hold onto so that when he eventually died he could be cremated as a “full man.” To his surprise, he was presented, not with the bones, but with the fleshy leg and foot combo by the funeral home attending to the matter. He kept the leg in his freezer and despite becoming a bit of a macabre joke, all was well.

Then Mr. Wood got behind on his bills and his electricity was shut off. It was decision time for Mr. Wood, but after the plane crash, loss of family and amputation he wasn’t going to take another hit from the power man. He cut the screen from his front door, wrapped the leg in it and tied it to a a couple posts to let it dry in the sun. Once it dried he put the remains inside his barbecue smoker for safe keeping.

He eventually became homeless and was living out of a van which he also ultimately lost. His family had put all of his belongings in storage for him while he dealt with his situation. Eventually the bill for the storage space went unpaid and the contents of his storage space were put up for auction. Including the barbecue.

Enter Shannon Whisnant, the buyer of the smoker from the storage auction. He found the leg, and notified the police. Wood’s family saw the story on the news and came forward with their story. Crazy eh? Well… there is more. After surrendering the leg to police Wishnant has since changed his mind and decided he paid for the leg and wants it back to use in a Halloween display in intends to charge admission to and is willing to go to court to fight to have it back. The police have said “he doesn’t have a leg to stand on”. (yes, the police really did say that) they will return the leg to Mr. Wood to hang on his rear view mirror or whatever his next great idea is.

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Spookatorium 016

Greetings onlookers, a new episode is up featuring the delicate melodies of the following


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Beyond that I also give a quick recap of recent articles from the site and offer up some new coverage. A collection of escape artists are seeking to set the world record in a one day relay of over 80 escape performances, while a grizzled old school freak takes the law into his own hands.

A pillar of the pharmaceutical industry is working on a virtual reality rig that gives the user a window into the schizophrenics world, and then there is this look at how schizophrenia fits into the evolutionary chain.

Another team working on solving our world’s energy issues are looking at cow stomachs as the golden ticket to solve our woes… environmentalist/animal rights advocates heads explode at the conundrum.

There are couple of stories from the lab regarding brain surgeries with unexpected results. One involving a skull that passed its expiration date, and another where a young boy is catapulted into the land of posh.

Also a look at some research on the Orb Phenomenon from researchers associated with NASA and the Vatican where they find that orbs are indeed of paranormal origin. I think the question remains quite open, but they feel convinced.

That’s it for this episode, next one should come much sooner. The Spookatorium Caravan relocated in the last month and I will be able to get going now on some of the additional things I want to do to make the show better. Including finding a better microphone solution…

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 016

Keep your wiggle funky,

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The Yamabiru Are Coming!

Long sequestered in the mountains of Japan, the Yamabiru have decided their time is at hand. Urbanization and reforestation efforts have ignited the flames of migration and the long silent Yamabiru have teamed up with their forest brethren and come down from their isolated realm to feed. Feasting on the blood of the humans that have inadvertently rousted them from their quiet existence, they have been known to gorge upon their victims to the point that they reach 10 times their normal size. So clandestine are the methods of the Yamabiru that frequently their victims are unaware they have been visited until they discover the bloodied point of entry and the predator has moved on.

The Japanese see three options in confronting this invasion. They can dramatically reshape the environment to something less hospitable in the hopes that the Yamabiru return from whence they came; they can fight them off with poisons and chemical warfare, or they can concede and accept their place in the food chain. All of these are obviously dramatic and carry their own hazards. However, in these dire times when nature is rising to subjugate humanity the dramatic may be the last hope.

– Prof. Gruntsplatter