Update & Accepting Submissions

The show’s gotten off to a little bit of a false start. In addition to the computer issues mentioned previously, the usually holiday stuff, and a kitty that was on his deathbed (he’s fine now) I’ve been either technologically crippled or consumed by more important things. There isn’t an author piece queued up at the moment either, which has cast a fog over my motivation to be sure.

There are now submission guidelines linked in the navigation bar above. We’ll see how it goes.

So, I’m going to start working on February’s show and getting things back on track. I enjoy doing the show, but I have too many conditions in my mind regarding the format. I’m not going to worry about that quite so much going forward. If an episode airs without an author or without a string of weird news, then there will just be more music or some other element to fill in the gaps. I appreciate those of you that have subscribed, and hopefully in relaxing my structure a little bit I’ll be able to get back to a consistent schedule.


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