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This story has made the rounds for a bit, but I was sort of holding off to see if anything new came out of it. In July of 2007 in Cuero, Texas, two curious creatures were hit by cars in the area. Some believe them to be chupacabra, others a disheveled coyote. The linked article is from, and includes some investigation, photos and an interview with the rancher who was most involved. I had two other articles from a local paper and an AP feed that I wanted to include here for a bit of balance and I sat on it too long and they are no longer available.

Looking at the photos, the front legs look like they have been broken severely and healed poorly. In that situation a feral animal would learn to move with it’s hind legs, I’ve seen domestic animals do the same thing. So the anatomy of shorter front legs when compared to the chupa-mythos on this animal leaves a little to be desired for me. It’s certainly a curious specimen, and the interview is intriguing, but it seems a lot of potential research wasn’t done for what may or may not be legitimate reasons.

Here’s another one that is a bit more amusing than anything else….

Reported on the 18th of October out of Charleston, South Carolina a woman called 911 to report that she may have just hit a giraffe… in South Carolina. The caller says there were two crossing the road, she tried to avoid them and struck one damaging the side mirror of her car. She believed it to be a giraffe because it was “”bigger than a horse.” Police who spoke to the woman felt it “may have been a large deer,” the caller did not want to file an official report. There is an audio clip of the 911 call with the article. It is highly unlikely that there were two giraffe roaming along the highway in South Carolina that day, the eye witness reports it was larger than a horse, and the police admit all they have to go on is the witness account. I haven’t seen any follow up on this, or even if the police did investigate what she may or may not have run into.


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