Spookatorium 009

The Spookatorium Hall of Mirrors? The Gallery of Rogues? The dank basement full of old newspapers and propaganda pamphlets? I am not sure, I may have just been thinking about how stupid our country can be sometimes.
~ Prof. Gruntsplatter

1) Cress – Consume
2) 1000 Home DJ’s – Apathy
3) Militia – Black Wolves Music
4) Moonsanto – What To Do If There Is A War
5) Thralldom – A Gathering To Invoke The Gnostic Bomb
6) Missing Foundation – Humanity
7) Snog – This Is Capitalism
8 ) Echo West – Air VX
9) Craft – Terror Propaganda
10) Luasa Raelon – The Aftermath

Background Sounds – “War Is Coming” by Melek-Tha

Prof. Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 009


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